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Terrasses du Larzac

Stéphanie and Frédéric

Meeting the wine kind of people

Stéphanie and Frédéric met in Montpellier in 1999 as they were both studying winemakering and oenology.


After being provided with training from biodynamic winemakers such as Sylvain Fadat and Xavier Peyraud, they united forces to take their next step together. 


With firmly held beliefs and through experimentations, they quickly moved from organic production to biodynamic winemaking.

Thanks to their sustainable agriculture and vinification relying on no intervention and additives, their take on natural wines could not be more expressive, subtle and lively.


Le Mas des Agrunelles

We use organic and biodynamic farming methods in our vineyard in Languedoc.

The Domain

The Domain

Le Mas Des Agrunelles

Our domain is located is one of Languedoc chillest areas, in Argelliers and Murles. We’ve been farming our 25-hectare land according to organic principles since 2003 and went biodynamic in 2010.

Our estate sits on Terrasses du Larzac, in the northwest of Montpellier. This soil is known for its wide variations in temperature between night and day.

This regional peculiarity has never found its niche within the efficiency driven cooperatives. With an austere climate only sheeps and charcoal could adapt to, the area was no place for maximum yields.
We’ve made our way through this particular climate and fractured limestones with harmonious viticulture and non-interventionist vinification. With that in mind, our wines range from deep to light and balanced.      


Our Vintage

Because we opted for vinification depending on plots rather than varieties, each harvest goes through its own vinification to let terroir develop its full potential.
Our Wines

Our Wines

We offer a wide range of wines as each plot goes through individual vinification.
Click on the picture to learn more about their TECHNICAL FEATURES.


Where to Find Us?

Our Wine Merchants and Restaurants Network
So many friends, so little room…
We are distributed in France and abroad: New York, London, Copenhagen... You’ll find us in remarkable wine shops as well as in nice restaurants.
Contact us if you want to find your closest wine dealer (or one on the other side of the world).
We are also on the app ‘RAISIN’
Find Us

Contact Us

Stéphanie PONSON & Frédéric PORRO

Mas des Agrunelles, Le Bois de la Marèle

1501 Chemin de Fontméjeane

34380 Argelliers   FRANCE



Téléphone : +33(0)6 14 55 54 71

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